Sunday, July 02, 2006


Chris Riddell's delicious collection of "illustrations to unwritten books". Executed with a detailed and meticulous draughtsmanship that recalls the Victorian line engravings of John Tenniel and the like, The Da Vinci Cod provides (as its title suggests) wittily ludicrous visualisations of deliciously perfect puns!

Haven't we always wanted to read Alice in Sunderland, A Brief History of Tim and The Rise and Fall of the Roman Umpire?

Other beguiling favourites include, The Screwtape Lettuce, The Valley of the Trolls and The Day of the Trifles!

Walker Books, 2005, £5.95


David Weeks said...

Where does Simon Drew's work fit into the canon of witty puns and fine draughtmanship?

Brian Sibley said...

There are, as you know, many of Simon Drew's books on the shelves - so I'm sure one will appear sooner or later!

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