Saturday, April 23, 2011


I am currently working on a series of radio plays for BBC Radio 4's 'Classic Serial' based on the Titus Groan novels of Mervyn Peake.

Re-reading Peake's fantastical prose, I came across a wonderful phrase which I had totally forgotten describing of the manner in which the gargantuan chef, Swelter (right), addresses the terrorised kitchen urchins who work for him.

The author, writes of Swelter leaning forward, "dropping each confidential word like a cannon ball smeared with syrup."


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Faff said...

Sounds absolutely fantastic. Got to be better than the TV series. Have you seen the ipad version of Alice by the way? There's a promo for it on youtube and they seem to have semi animated the original drawings. Not sure what to think myself.

It's here or you can just google it if you wisely prefer to avoid links.

Brian Sibley said...

A friend of mine has it on his iPad and I really like it! What's more I think that Mr Dodgson – who loved all kinds of games and puzzles – would have been much intrigued with the idea of a book with 'moving' pictures!

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